Welcome to our World of a Healthy Journey

Welcome to our world of a healthy journey. 

Our journey to health started about 2 years ago when our family doctor threw his hands in the air and said: “I don’t know what to do”. Medically there was nothing wrong, but when you can’t eat anything without pains in your guts and your are losing weight you look for your own answers. And so began our Healthy Journey.

This will be a blog about what worked for us and the various diets and foods that worked and didn’t work. Please remember this is just our Healthy Journey, yours could be different.

This Healthy Journey took us to food places that we have never been before, to foods we have never eaten, and away from foods that were a staple in our home. We hope you will learn like we did and love the foods that we do, and maybe out there in the internet world, this health/food blog will help someone on their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

We are a husband and wife team that would love to retire but still have to work. Our goal is to retire healthy and enjoy a simple life of family and travel. The goal of this blog is to tell our story about a healthy and simple lifestyle I hope you enjoy the Healthy Journey with us.